What Does It Mean? Healthy? Essay

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What Does It Mean To Be “Healthy?” No matter what everyone defines what they think is healthy and unhealthy differently and this is how I define it. Most of the time it is easy to cross the between healthy and unhealthy. All that need to be done is watching what you eat, but sometimes that can be easier said than done. There is through a lot of different factors that come between being healthy or unhealthy and it isn’t just food even though it is a big factor. When it comes to determining these things there are factors that help us create these definitions. There are many things you can do in order to be healthy. When it comes to your food you should have a well-rounded diet. Consisting of mostly protein, vegetables, and fruit with some whole grains and dairy. Mostly always avoiding sugars, if sugar is eaten once in a while it can be okay and depending on when you eat it is also an important factor. That being that you should eat the food with the highest sugar content earlier in the day so they you will burn it off throughout the day. Then when it comes to drinks you should always be watching the content of the drinks because it is very easy to consume your calories through drinks. For me, I don’t drink pop, but it isn’t really because of the calories and sugar, but because I don’t like it. So my beverages usually are water, tea, coffee, and juice. Which those drinks can usually be good expect for some juice can be very high and sugar content and coffee isn’t all the…

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