What Does It Mean For Boston Public Schools? Essay

1792 Words Jun 23rd, 2016 null Page
What does it mean to be independent to you? What first of all what does independence even look like? Being independent comes in different shapes and form for everyone but what does it look like for Boston Public Schools? Boston Public High School cuts students short on independence. Choosing when and how students learn certain things, forcing one 's body to become accustomed to when it 's time to eat and when it 's okay to use the bathroom. Being independent is being able to take any situation and being able to decide what you think is best to do. Being able to get things done on your own or deciding if you actually need help. Independence is also having student voice and ownership of what goes down regarding their education meaning they have the right to deciede whats best for them and what isnt.Student voice is students take charge of their education and learning.Every single student should have a voice and collectively as a group.So how do we give the students the chance to be independent, how could Boston Public High Schools do in order to implement independence in it?
We need more Youth led and elected programs with students from all types of school backgrounds, weather that be a student who gets to school late every day to a student who never misses, one who gets straights A’s and one who gets only D’s.Without students we wouldn 't have a school. The students needs to be heard and should be prioritized. Based of the article including student voice ¨student achievement…

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