What Does It Could Benefit My Professional Career? Essay

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As a young child, I was constantly around the world of clinical psychology. My father, Barry C. Lipin, is an alumnus of ISPP; he now teaches part-time and has been in private practice for more than 20 years. What attracts me to this program however, is not simply the history that it holds to me nor the fact that my father was a graduate. Rather, I was immediately attracted by the accommodating faculty and staff, the comprehensive overview of the program, as well as the possibilities to work with professors on projects. When I first came to ISPP to acquire information, I did not know what to expect. However, through the help of my Admissions Counselor, as well as reading about the program, I came to understand how it could benefit my professional career. I am currently a senior at Roosevelt University Schaumburg, and am majoring in Psychology. While attending my undergraduate location, I have been able to take several neuropsychology related courses and biological sciences. It has fascinated me greatly, and when I discovered that ISPP offers a strong Neuropsychology track, I was elated. Recently I attended a Q&A session with Dr. Cameron Brewer, who discussed the Clinical Neuropsychology program and it not only motivated me to work in this specific field, but inspired me to work incredibly hard to obtain the goal of becoming a board certified Neuropsychologist.
Continuing on, there are several aspects to clinical psychology that attract me to the field. I enjoy talking with…

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