What Does Financial Independence May Mean Different Things For Different People?

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Financial independence could mean different things for different people, but for me it means being in control of one’s money. In this respect, it means the ability to control a person’s own financial status and not the other way round. Financial independence must also have some sustainable angle on it. This means that the person should be in a position to cater for the current needs while also saving some for the future (Hirst 71). In this respect, it would be improper for a person to enjoy in the current times and suffer in future.
My definition of what constitutes financial independence stems from the various experiences I have had all through my life starting from my early days in school. My very first desire for any kind of freedom was back in my childhood days when I dreaded the end of summer because that meant I would have to switch back to the programmed routine that meant little or no play time. When I went to school, I would occasionally find myself daydreaming about playing baseball and enjoying different beaches in different parts of the world. It occurred to me that the only way to enjoy such kind of lifestyle would only come to pass if only I had enough money.
To get the money that would make my life comfortable, I had to work hard and save as much as possible. Growing up, I had some neighbors who had some financial problems and given the numerous troubles they had; I didn’t want to end up like them. I grew up knowing that choices that I take would eventually…

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