What Does Equality Truly Mean? Essay

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What does equality truly mean? Is equality practiced commonly among the western civilization? How are people affected by the way they are treated? Bayoumi wrote in “How Does it Feel to be a Problem?” the short story of “Yasmin.” It shows how a young girl is treated unequally amongst her classmates. It addresses the religious issues of a young girl versus her school. The difficulties she goes through as her school administration will not change a rule for her due to her religion. She holds the secretary position of a leadership club and the rule is that they must attend all school events. Her father will not let her attend the school dances because he believes this is against their religious beliefs. The girl must choose to resign from her new position or sit in the basement of the school while the dance goes on above her. The school administration must be fair and have a stable system that is easy to follow but the school had changed the specific rule for other kids. This upsets the young girl because the school says that they are trying to show equality to everyone which is clearly not true in this case. She is especially upset because a group of Jewish students did not have to attend a school dance due to a religious event and another girl missed an event because she wanted to throw her birthday party the same night as a school dance. Through the reading, it is obvious that the school system is prejudice towards the girl and her religious beliefs. Through the course of…

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