What Does Autonomy Do For A Nurse? Essay

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Introduction and Thesis: What is autonomy? Why does it matter? Why is important in your career? These are all the questions one may have when sitting in your last class of the day listening to your nursing professors emphasize the importance of “Autonomy” as a nurse. Why should we care though; why does autonomy matter to us as future nurses? To answer these questions one must first understand exactly what autonomy means. To the general public autonomy is defined as “freedom from external control or influence; independence”. To a nurse though, autonomy is defined as “having the authority to make decisions and the freedom to act in accordance with one 's professional knowledge base”. According to this definition then, autonomy is what lets nurses be nurses. Autonomy is important to a nurse because it allows us to practice what we have learned and distinguish ourselves as an independent and vital part of the healthcare team. Autonomy may look like a nurse being a patient’s advocate or a nurse implements a nursing action and has a positive patient outcome. Autonomy is not just important to nurses though, for example, social workers also strive for and pursue autonomy in their professional careers as well. Although autonomy may appear differently in different fields it is important to maintaining the status a profession. Autonomy does not come easily though and nurses often times face barriers to their autonomy in practice. As you can see, nursing autonomy plays a vital role in…

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