Essay on What Do You See About Birds?

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Once On a Flight
If there is no God, there is no meaning in life. When you look up into the sky what do you see? “Nothing” some might say. No, you see the different hues of blue and orange, pinks and a vivid range of colors; not artist can say he or she has painted it or created it. I ask yet another what do you see in the sky? Do you see birds? Birds of different colors and of different sizes? Eagles, hawks, and geese, robins and such? What else do you see? Trees of different colors, sizes and shapes, some bearing fruit or flowers. God make the world in seven days and He saw that it was good. Genesis 1:1-2:3 (New International Version) No one can say that all of these creations are by “coincidence” or “evolution” Not at all! This creation, this earth, and everything in it; was made by the best artist of all time, God. As I head to my plane say my last goodbye to the ever so beautiful sunset beaming off the water in on the ocean surface, I think how majestic it is that our God even in Mexico created this and included relaxation in the mix for us to witness. I’ve found my seat row 10, seat G. next to H that sits next to the window. I acknowledged the woman sitting in the seat next to mine staring out the window as though she has either left something there, or found something here she will keep forever. As she rearranges space for me to sit, I ask how she is doing?” as a response the woman just nodded. “It’s a beautiful place” I love it” we come every year,…

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