What Do You Need Help On? Essay

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“Hey [Y/N]-chan.”

“Huh?” [Y/N] turns her head slightly in the direction of her best friend, Hiro. Hiro mouth and gesture of “please help!” [Y/N] sigh. She was nearly done her test if she bubbles in the last question. And the thought of taking a good nap after it, seems like a great plan. But because she saw Hiro in a struggling state, she agreed. [Y/N] glance at the teacher, who was quite busy engaging with his book, return her look to Hiro. “What do you need help on?”

Hiro whispers, “page three”. Turning to the page that Hiro needs help in, [Y/N] slides her paper over, enough for Hiro to see the answers while watching the teacher in between.

Copying only one answer, the teacher coughed unexpectedly making the two quickly hiding their paper. [Y/N] took a few seconds to pretend she was going over her paper before taking another glance at the teacher and resumed to letting Hiro see.

After Hiro was finished, she signal [Y/N] by lightly hitting her elbow with hers. “Thank you.” she whispers. [Y/N] nodded and bubbled in her last question before resting her head on her arms.

Just another ten minutes into the exam, the teacher closed his book, stood up and clapped.

“Alright class, time is up. Pass your test to the front and I got one announcement before your next teacher arrives.”

Small conversation while passing the papers upfront filled the classroom. Some looked nervous and some look pretty content about the exam. When the teacher collected the test, he puts it…

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