What Do You Mean, Where Is The Girl? Essay

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“What do you mean, where is the girl?”
It must be some kind of freakish coincidence that I’ve had this nightmare before. You know that one, where the one person you know turns out to be someone you don’t know? And the truth is far more embarrassing than it needs to be?
“I mean, where is the girl? She should be waiting here. Did she have to use the little smoker’s chamber?” I ask, and Eli scoffs. Okay, I’ll admit it: I have a type. It’s not of my own will- just girls that are into poker, death metal, tattoos, and smoking tend to be way more into me than the average prep school girls. My dating life loves tourist season. All those poor, grounded Goths with nothing to do and no one to hang out with but, god forbid, their family…
“Jace,” says my best friend, Eli, “don’t make this harder than it has to be. People are staring.” Oh, I’m the one making this harder than it has to be? He’s the one who felt that instead of casually announcing that he was gay while we were alone wasn’t good enough, and instead decided that it was necessary to come out to me by buying me in the School Picnic Auction. This was, of course, in front of everyone in the entire school.
“Why couldn’t you just say it?” I ask, and I watch as his mouth drops. I notice the way color filled his cheeks, but I sure as hell was not apologizing for embarrassing him. No way. “I could have eaten lunch with you on any other day. What the hell, man?”
Eli looked down at his feet, and for a moment I felt bad. He was normally…

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