What Do You Hear Buick? Essay examples

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Without Consumption Buick. What do think of when you hear Buick? Did you know it was a car brand? If so did you imagine an “old man car” just now? If so, I’d say that’s quite a normal reaction and Buick is aware of that. The predominate amount of Buick owners are typically people older with the average of an owner sitting at 57 years-old. But they are on their way to soon shake that image off. My essay is about Buick’s recent changes that have been made and how i see that, that connects to the theory of conspicuous consumption. Conspicuous consumption is the theory that people are no longer buying necessities, but are buying to show off status or strictly because they like the image that brand portrays and wants other people to view them in that light. I Believe this has a strong connection to the company Buick, and is the main reason they have started on this journey. Currently they are viewed as the old man car. Veblen 's theory states that, “the modern consumer may be defined as someone who desperately wants whatever others possess”(Atwan). I can’t imagine that many people envy old people or even strive to be like them while their still young. Do to that idea on conspicuous consumption majority of the population buys stuff based off the image the brand projects. So younger car buyers don’t look at Buick car and say they want and buy the old man image they are selling. And are really starting to see the negative effect it is having their sales leaving them in the…

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