Example Of Conspicuous Consumption

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Have you ever wonder why people purchase certain products? Some consumers want to demonstrate superiority when it comes to self and products. Spending money on product is part of our economic. In this paper, we will discuss conspicuous consumptions and we will attempt to explain what conspicuous consumptions is and how it is important for marketers to understand why consumers purchase luxury items. In explanation of luxury. Luxury according to Ghoas and Vashney (2013) luxury is refer to engaging in something that is not necessity. This consumption is relating to showing off one status which is called conspicuous consumption. Patsiaouras and Fitchett (2012) defines conspicuous consumption refers to the competitive and the predominate practices …show more content…
(2006) the Theory of Veblen is a delebrerate part of the consumer to achieve a social status. The consumer will excel or outdo one another in order to push past their normal conspicuous consumption They will take the conspicuous consumption to a higher level. Chaudhuri et al. (2006) indicated that conspicuous consumption is used to signal wealth, power and status in the community. It might be said that the more powerful a person is; the more wealthy the person; will indicate the person have a high social status. The conspicuous consumption will signify wealth. The primary objective may be to impress others with the conspicuous. Tilman (2006) believes consumers are persuaded to purchase goods and services that will not need in order to demonstrate wealth. Some items are display as a preference for luxury goods. Therefore, the consumer will make the purchase based on advertisement.

Conspicuous consumption is a good means of demonstrating a person superiority. It may be high in the middle class market for consumers to spend more money, but all age groups and status will make conspicuous consumption to impress others. It basically does not matter, everyone tries to impress others to gain conspicuous consumption. According to the Veblen Theory, conspicuous is basically a waste of consumers money. Consumers may not need the product, but they are signaling status on having luxury

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