What Do You Believe? Essay

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What do You Believe? Take a look at the people around you. People you see every day: the mailman, a banker, a fireman, and a stay-at-home mom – what do they all have in common? Take a closer look. Maybe the mailman has a broken down vehicle; the banker is running late to an important meeting, the mother’s child is extremely sick. All of these people are currently experiencing what are commonly called ‘bad days’, and they will no doubt experience them again; yet, they still carry on with their lives. What is keeping him or her from quitting right this very second; claiming that life has no meaning or value and just is not worth the struggle? The answer to this question lies hidden in the hearts of everyone and as a result, each person answers differently. Consistently between all men, however, is this: a person must be prepared to give a reason for the hope he holds to when faced with the inevitable challenges of life. In answer to this question, many people may point to a book called the Bible. Contained in this book is the acknowledgement of a less than perfect life, as well as soothing messages for troubling times and promises of hope for the future. This book’s existence may seem too good to be true; therefore, each person must examine its reliability himself. A person should start with the basics: where the Bible originally came from. A study of the history of the Bible will reveal that it is composed of 66 books, written over a period of 1,600 years by about 40…

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