God Appears To Be A Dynamic Character Analysis

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1. In the bible god appears to be a dynamic character where at times he seems almost human and at other times appears to be all knowing. 2. I chose this topic because for me it spoke volumes on how I view the bible and my religion as a whole. I was raised catholic and went to church with my family every week but aside from attending mass I never delved too far into my religion including never actually reading anything from the bible until this year. What that means is that everything that I have heard about the bible or about god came from how it was presented during mass. And after reading sections of the bible not everything seems to line up perfectly with how it is presented during mass. I have heard plenty of times about how the bible is the “word of god” and that god is all knowing and an all powerful entity but from the sections I have read from the bible so …show more content…
While yet I have no concise way of knowing which depiction is actually true it does provide some form of explanation for why god appears to be a dynamic character. However this small form of closure on that issue prompts another potentially even more important question for me. If a portrayal of god is wrong must that not mean that whoever took part in the writing of that book of the bible did not know everything he was writing about? This issue could potentially lead to not only the depiction of god being wrong but also whatever it was the writer was uncertain about. So if this is the case as I believe it is then how am i supposed to understand the bible as the “word of god” as I have heard it said before? If the text of the bible could potentially be littered with writings of uncertainty then I am left with the issue of not knowing what is true and what is not and that poses a very big problem for how I am supposed to understand and practice my

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