Bible Reflection

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My understanding of the Bible starts with Abram. He has a major stance in the bible and the stories that is in the bible. The bible has money stories that took place many of centuries ago, BC. What we would say today, the time before Christ. The bible is full of stories that changed people for life, spiritual belief, and physical and mental ways. This book is a very old book that relates to the problems we go through today. It just do notjust help with problems but also guide you through the good phases. This one book is about one God, one God only!
The bible has the problem and the cause that humans go to for help. I feel like it is kind of crazy that ancient people went through the same things people in percent time is going through. The book that is so called the "Bible" has great power but only to a believer. It drove so many people to believe. It is always questioned and an argument about if certain scriptures in the bible is true or not. Is it really the way of life? Some people like to ask. But who really know the real answer. Who is god talking? Who is god preferring to in the powerful book of his? What is he saying to whom? Could it be just his people? God say anyone is welcome. Who and how is he speaking to man.
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Bible is always getting questioned. Is it true, or it is just full of stories. The rumor is that the bible has similar stories or almost the same stories as other religion books. They also said the bible copied other religion book and made their own version. Also criticism about the "New MY UNDERSTANDING OF THE BIBLE

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