What Criminal Justice Is And How It Is Related With My Career

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In this essay I will discuss about what criminal justice is and how it is related with my career. My topic will be about my career, but I am not that sure in what field or agencies I will get in in the future, so I will explain how the criminal justice system is administered by the three different agencies and give a brief information about those three agencies police, corrections, and the court. Finally I will let you know more or less what of these agencies I have more interest on and could be the one I will join soon.
I am going to enter in the field of the criminal justice and in this paragraph I am about to explain some details of what consist criminal justice. Like the family, schools, organized religions, or the law, criminal justice is an institution of social control in the united States. But, the criminal justice differs from the others in two important ways. First, the role of criminal justice is restricted officially to persuading people to abide by a limited range of social values whose violation constituted a crime, courteous behavior is desired to al citizen, rude behavior is of no official concern unless it violates the law. Criminal justice in the United States is administered by certain confederations of more than 50,000 agencies of federal, state, and local governments. Those agencies consist by the police, the courts and the corrections and they are known as the criminal justice system. I am not sure about on what field I am going to take;…

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