Essay on What Conclusions Might You Come For Regarding This Man?

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Case Study
What conclusions might you come to regarding this man?
Obviously the students are thinking that this man is the father of both babies born that day to Ashley and Jill. Being a critical thinker, I would think outside of the box and assume that the man could be a previous doctor, family friend, or someone who coincidentally knows both women from some previous encounter.
How should Mandy respond to the man?
I first would have clarified with Jim how he knew each woman; this would clear up any confusion right off the start. I do not agree that they should have given the room numbers to him, because the women could have been a “Do Not Announce” (DNA). Meaning that any visitor or inquirer outside of the patient’s medical team are not allowed to know any information about the patient, not even if they are checked into the hospital. A DNA can be established for many reasons. I feel that if Jim proves, or states that he sincerely knows the mothers, the students should have approached each woman and asked if they were expecting a visit from a man named Jim aside from their husband.
Have Mandy and Amy done anything ethically and / or legally wrong? If so, what?
Yes, they have crossed many lines. First is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). They have violated the patient’s privacy by talking about the women’s personal lives to other nurses and students on the floor. It would be appropriate if the students were discussing with each woman’s primary…

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