What Can We Learn from Luke About Jesus’ Attitudes to Women? Essay example

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What can we learn from Luke about Jesus’ attitudes to women?

In order to discuss what we can learn from Luke about Jesus’ attitudes to women we must first understand a little about Luke himself. According to Charpentier E (1981:81) Luke had been seen as the, ‘beloved physician’, which is also cited in Hayes, M A. and Gearon L (1998:145) whom further state that Luke travelled with Paul from Troas to Philippi in Greece, Paul, (Col 4:14) expressly calls him, ‘the beloved physician’. He was in fact Paul’s medical adviser. Luke’s acts were written in c AD 80.

The status of women in Palestine during the time of Jesus was very decidedly that of inferiors. The women is, ‘in all things inferior to the man,’ as stated by first century
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This highlights again Jesus regard for women, as he healed someone whom may have been shunned because she was a women and also she was disabled, plus to do so on the Sabbath. In the Acts women are full members of the Church. Luke specifically records that both women and men were baptized (Acts 8:12; 16:15)

It seems that more than twice in His parables Jesus used an illustration with a women to illustrate the faith and resolve they were to have: The persistent widow who troubled the judge (Lk 18:2-8) and also the women searching for the lost coin, in which Jesus states, ‘In the same way, I tell you, the angles of God rejoice over one sinner who repents.’ (Lk 15:8-10).

Jesus’s attitudes towards women seem never to have been negative, rather always a positive attitude, which as stated previously is in dramatic contrast to his predecessors and the culture to which he was born into.

Concluding that from the evidence cited previously, Jesus as indicated by Luke, promoted the dignity and equality of women in the midst of a very male-dominated society, according to Hayes and Gearon, ‘…scholars have concluded that women played a significant role in Lucan communities.’ Jesuscentral.com takes this one step further as to state that, ‘Jesus was a feminist, and a very radical one.’ Jesus was therefore a friend of women, promoting the dignity and equality of women which is clear throughout Luke’s Gospel.

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