What Can Liberal Arts Education? Essay

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1. What can liberal arts education do to me?
Through the beginnings of this course I have discovered that there is a lot more to the liberal arts than I thought before having a small understanding of them. The question itself is a prime example. Rather than asking what liberal arts education can do for me it asks what it can do to me. I had never thought of an education in this sense. Liberal arts education can change my way of thinking. It is more than just learning a subject to pass a course or learning a skill for a discipline. It is an education that teaches me how to think critical and be creative. This is not talking about creativity in a crafty or artsy way, but means to explore and be creative in my way of thinking. Liberal arts education is a way for me to have a “free” mind in all subjects. Rather than just thinking in the one specific way someone tells me to think; I am able to analyze the subject, gain an understanding, and develop an opinion.
Liberal arts education can, in a sense, make me a person and in a greater sense a Christian person. This is not to say that I am not a person without being educated in this way, and it is not to say that I am not a Christian without this education. The play on words here simply means that I cannot be fully a person or a Christion as God called me to be without a liberal arts education. A simple education is a great thing and much needed! It teaches many useful theories and skills, however, the world is ever changing. Even…

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