Reflective Essay On Liberal Education

In this course there were many things that I did not expect to learn, but now that I know them, I will use them in the future. The new tools allow me to improve my writing in more ways than one. Free writing before I actually start the essay help me to get all my thoughts on the paper so that I would not forget or just to organize my thoughts. My favorite thing that we learned about was liberal education. It was a reoccurring theme that actually helped to make me think about all the problems and the issues that affects the lack of graduates now. Students sometimes do not understand that they hold their own future in their hands so they should be responsible for it. Liberal education gives students more options and freedom to make better choices to make it easier for students futures. The teachers are more influential and effective with their teaching when they are allowed to do what they believe is best for their students. Once you can learn and understand the problem you can help to fix it and I understand why Mrs. Basiletti decided to teach this way. All …show more content…
Teachers should be given more freedom with their lesson plans along with extra time to help students one-on-one. If students are struggling they should not be given more work. But, they should go to see a counselor to check the problem and see what they can do to help the student. If students are having personal problems they should be given time to able to take care of themselves. They should take care of themselves as if they had a flu or a cold; things like self-care should be priority. The teachers that I have talked to all tell me similar things that they need, such as a higher pay, proper insurance and less standardized tests. The teachers are the ones that work with the students so they need to have what they need to do their job properly. They know what is best for their students instead of the people that are above

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