Shamicka Batts Analysis

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“I pray that in all you do that, you’ll remain focused and one day have a prosperous life,” in these words are what showed me who my mother really is. Not only her government Shamicka Shuntail Batts or the looks that she may carry. I had now seen beyond all flaws and faults to see her heart and its desires for me. Her drive and passion to help others before bettering herself is what makes her who she is. The loss of selfish, but the compassion in her tone of voice when she told me this November 30, 2015. I will never forget. All the memories of her silent but beautiful laughter never afraid to smile and show off her 24k gold tooth. Who is Shamicka Batts? Back in 1978 there were not too many rules for my mom growing up. She lived with her mom …show more content…
This is a person who is willing to give up their right to help serve others selflessly. From the time she was born at the time of her growth, this is what she was destined to be. When asked “ where can you see in your future?” Her reply was simple but true owning my own counselling service and helping women who face the things we do; such as divorce, leadership and confidence too. I desire to have a servant 's heart just like my mom, building a pathway of success and surely blessing will follow. I know that one day I can say “ who is Shamicka Batts?” And ill can attest that she was one of the greatest women to know always doing more, not even asking for a dollar. Pressing to go above and beyond what is to be expected. She is my mother and I 'm happy to accept it. When i ever find theirs times in life i need someone to talk to she’s always their. Whether it 's a problem big or small i know i can trust her to listen without judgement. In the end her advice is always helpful because she 's my mother. No matter if the sun is shining or the moon i glistening she never lets me down. To have a women as such as her in my life is an absolute blessing. All the examples she sets only paves the way for me to be greater than her when my time comes. My mom is the peanut butter to my jelly and we make a pretty great …show more content…
Most definitely my family i love them and love being around them they bring out the best in me at the worst times. In these words i find numerous memories from the time my mom ate a rock to the time she fell off the swing, but what takes the cake is our families first snow sledding tripping. While i was a junior in Highschool i remeber the snowy day school was canceled. Not wanting to be stuck in the house all day we took a little family trip, first we stoped by kroger to pick three sleds for my siblings and i. Shorly thereafter we made it to our first stop the snowy mountian at Enon Elementry school, although that didnt last to long because it was too dangerous we went to another hill near Chester village. This was the first time my mom sled in her whole life and after her experience im pretty sure it was her last it ended with her crashing right into a tree. Her scream and hurl still rings in the back of my mind as well as my dad saying “wide load coming down wide load,” before you could hear the breaking of the tree she

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