Essay on What Are You Do You Think About Generating Curriculum?

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So, I want to simply suggest that these are complicated issues and they are not going to go away. As that affects the way that we think about generating curriculum and what kind of learning experience we are creating, it is incumbent upon you guys to think about that. What are your programs and how are they responsive to that? How seriously do you want to take those concerns?

How might we direct those conversations in productive ways, reflecting on those aspects of their criticisms that might have legitimacy and enduring value? It is a real challenge. Related to that, academic governance is another factor. We are living in a time of very dramatic and rapid change, by virtue of all of these things that I am talking about.

But, our govern instructions are 19th century in the way that we think about the work that we do. So, let’s convene a committee and we get some faculty and meet this spring and maybe have an agenda in the fall and the next year we will decide. That works very well for some things; it doesn’t work for other things.

So, how does one maintain a deep commitment to shared governance in institutions that depend on it, and I do deeply believe in shared governance, but the decision cycles are much faster, so there has to be a different way of engaging those voices productively in change, than the ones we have had historically. Because, as we fail in our internal governance systems, we create Sinicism, scientism for sure, and Sinicism often, and then…

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