What Are The Types Of Friendship Essay

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Throughout the course of one’s life, they may experience different friendships such as a best friend, a true friend, a childhood friend and an acquaintance. Each of these friendships contain a numerous amount of characteristics that come together to show the type of friend they really are. Most of them, however, are loyal, caring and trusting, as well as honest, and say it like it is. They are also understanding, but only to a certain point, and supportive, in all the good choices a person makes. At times, in the midst of their selflessness, they may be selfish, but that’s okay once in awhile. These types of friends, no matter how close they may be, are never bullies, never judgemental, and never hypocritical. Friendships are always great …show more content…
There’s no such thing as the perfect friend, everyone knows that because no one is perfect. Good friends may be selfless all the time, always putting others before themselves. However, once in awhile, they may think about themselves and what their own best interests are and that is totally fine. Always thinking about other people can get tiring and take a toll on the mind, so taking a step back to rethink a few things about oneself is necessary. On the other hand, what is not okay in a friendship is always thinking about oneself and putting one’s own interests before even thinking about anyone else’s. It can be something as simple as offering up the last slice of pizza before taking it for oneself or even just always checking up on others and being there for them without putting a second thought to doing so. Being selfless in a friendship is just the nice and respectable thing to do. Being supportive is also a shady area in friendship because some choices people make may not be support worthy. For instance, if a friend is talking about doing drugs, smoking, or anything that could affect themselves negatively, a true friend wouldn’t support them for anything of the sort. Instead, they would try to talk them out of it or maybe go to the extent of rethinking the entire relationship. Being around negative people can stir up a negative way a thinking or living for anyone in that person’s life. Therefore, staying away from such people who may negatively impact one’s life is sometimes a must, even if they’re considered a friend. Real friends support each other, but there’s a fine line between supporting the right and wrong choices. In cases like these, talking through any problems one may have is a thing to consider if the friendship is important to oneself. To avoid any misunderstandings, both sides of the story’s should be heard in order to come to a clear consensus. Assuming is not an option. In any friendship,

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