What Are The Similarities Between Christianity And Islam

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There are many religions throughout the world that all play a major role in the creation of the world we live in today. Since the beginning of the first known civilization, there is evidence that people practiced some form of religion. However, where religion actually began cannot be precisely determined and remains unknown today. Each of the world’s major religions have particular variations that set themselves apart and make them unique. However, these religions all follow the same fundamental morals and guidelines that are quite homogeneous. The largest and most popular religion today is Christianity with the second largest being Islam. Both of these religions are extremely widespread and have a great impact on the lives of its believers …show more content…
Both Christianity and Islam believe that the only possible way to communicate with God is through prayer and through respect they must show adoration of God, complete submission, and supplication. They also share a common place in which they worship that is considered holy. Muslims worship at what is known as a Mosque, while Christians worship at a church. Both of these places are considered houses of God meant for undertaking worship, fellowship, learning, and praying. The belief that by following His word, one can reach salvation is also shared by both religions. Another common practice the two religions share is fasting. In Christianity, fasting is only encouraged and not required. However, those that participate fast for forty days, the same as Jesus did, which lasts all day and night. Muslims are required to fast as part of following the Five Pillars. They begin early in the morning and continue until night fall for at least thirty days. Christians do not fast in order to earn their salvation, but Muslims who do not fast jeopardize their ability to be with Allah in paradise. Christianity and Islam share a different level of strictness when it comes to rules and etiquette. Muslims are required to follow rules when worshipping God and cleanliness is greatly emphasized. One must perform a cleansing ritual before worship and are required to dress modestly in which the body shape is not portrayed. In contract, Christians are required to dress modestly but have no set of rules enforced. Even though prayer is a form of communication with God between the two religions, there are differences with it as well. The Muslim faith requires followers to perform prayer five times daily while facing Mecca, which is contrary to Christianity. In Christianity, prayer is somewhat voluntary nor is there a definite amount of

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