What Are The Pros And Cons Of Breastfeeding

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Leah WoodsMr. ArmstrongENG 11230328 September 2017Mothers and Babies vs. the WorldBreastfeeding has been around for ages. It is the feeding of a newborn baby and young children with breast milk from their mother’s breast. There has been many negative comments about women breastfeeding their child publicly. Most people feel that it is inappropriate and should not be allowed everywhere. On the other hand mothers across the world feel as if there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The mothers feel that their child should be able to eat whenever they are hungry. Most doctors recommend that the mother breast feeds their child because it is healthier than a man-made formula. There is an extensive argument with two
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Publicly breastfeeding is not illegal. No woman wants to breastfeed her child in the restroom. A baby being nursed should not bother anyone as much as a crying baby, who is hungry and ready to eat. Women are not demanding a private place to breastfeed their child, they are just asking for an understanding and respect. A mother feels that she should be able to do her duties as a mother no matter the circumstances.Most mothers are all for breastfeeding in public although, there are others who oppose. People feel that public breast feeding is not decent. The breast is a private part of the women’s body. Allowing the breast to be seen in public is considered wrong in most eyes, even if feeding a child. People actually consider breastfeeding as nudity. People explain breastfeeding to be natural, but it does not make it appropriate everywhere. People even feel that breastfeeding in public is dangerous, due to the risk of harassment and maybe even assault from someone that is looking around. Being able to see a woman’s breast in public is inappropriate for young children. Although there are some public facilities that allow breastfeeding, there is still people and businesses that are completely against public breastfeeding. Most business owners may feel that allowing public breastfeeding would decrease their services, due to inappropriateness.Surely or not if a mom makes a decision to nurse her child in public, it is essential to know and understand both sides of this argument. In

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