Summary: Obstacles To Effective Communication

Communication is a process through which messages are exchanged. It is effective only when these messages are mutually understood by the sender and the receiver. Interpersonal communication takes place person to person. (Hunter, 2011) Having good communication skills will enable you to get ahead in certain areas. One of the major issues of communication is listening. Mental notes should be taken be you get the chance to speak. Once you have the chance to speak, respond only to what is the subject at hand. This sounds simple enough but effective communication is much more difficult. Why? Because effective communication is a something that an individual has to master. Master communicators such as Abraham Lincoln, whom solidified …show more content…
Barriers are those obstacles that stand in the way of a successful negotiation. Barriers are obstacles to effective communications. Most barriers stem from simple communications issues between the parties.” (Anonymous) Emotional barriers can be present in the receiver and the sender. With this barrier all information is based upon personal experiences. Physical barriers can make communication most difficult. For example, “ A rigid chain of command that requires the officer to report to a supervisor instead of informing a peer about information obtained regarding a crime.” (Wallace, 2013) Semantics is another communication barrier when the literal meaning of phrases and word mean something different to the people involved. For example, an excerpt out of Written and Interpersonal Communication. “When officer Jones states, “He’s a real juvenile delinquent,” other officers may come to several conclusions regarding what Officer Jones means. One officer may interpret the statement to mean that the suspect is a minor with repeated convictions in the juvenile justice system. A second officer may believe that Officer Jones is opining that the suspect, although younger than the age 18 years, is simply acting out and is not a hard-core criminal. A third officer may mistake the focus of the comment and believe that Officer Jones is discussing a fellow officer who acts immaturely. (Wallace, 2013) Lastly, ineffective listening is a barrier in which there is a total breakdown in communication. In our effort to improve communication in the work place. We must be aware of signs that stem from bad communication practices that could result in these barriers. Most cases that stem from communication barriers is when personnel is concerned their job and or professional status. The four basic categories, or type, of obstacles to effective communication are as follows: emotional barriers, physical barriers, semantic barriers

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