What Are The Importance Of Communication?

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Communication is a process through which messages are exchanged. It is effective only when these messages are mutually understood by the sender and the receiver. Interpersonal communication takes place person to person. (Hunter, 2011) Having good communication skills will enable you to get ahead in certain areas. One of the major issues of communication is listening. Mental notes should be taken be you get the chance to speak. Once you have the chance to speak, respond only to what is the subject at hand. This sounds simple enough but effective communication is much more difficult. Why? Because effective communication is a something that an individual has to master. Master communicators such as Abraham Lincoln, whom solidified …show more content…
Of course it will depend on how important communication is around you. Communication lines have to stay open for there to be less problems in the workplace. In most instances we think that we are great communicators, and awesome at communicating in the workplace, but sometimes unknown to us. Personnel may not understand you. In an example from Karyn Buxman from her help seminar, the Importance of Communicating Clearly, she speaks of an incident where she was in school as a child and her friend Jill had a serious issue, but the issue was unknown to teacher. She was just staring with a perplexed look. It all because of boots and mittens.
Teacher, “Jill get your boots on.”
Jill, “I can’t get these boots on.”
Teacher, “Struggles to put boots on Jill and gets them on.”
Teacher then says, “Jill these boots. They barely fit you.”
Jill then say, “Their not my boots”
Teacher frustrated, “Pulls boots off with a struggle.”
Teacher then says, “Who does thes boots belong to?”
Jill responds, “They are my brothers.”
Teacher, now perplexed, resumes putting the boots back on Jill.
Teacher then asks, “Jill where’s your mittens?”
Jill responds again, “They are in the boots.”
The moral to the story is that never be complacent with communicating, because most important you have to listen.
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Why? Because listening is not the same as hearing. Hearing is what sound, sounds like. Listening is more of an art. A musician must listen to every note that is being played. This is the way he communicates with other musicians so as to play as one in unison. They have to totally interpret what’s being said or what you hear will sound like gibberish. Listening to your peers require the same amount of attention, not just hearing the words but actively listening and interpreting the words the speaker is trying to convey. “Listening means paying attention to the story, but how will it’s told the use of language and voice, and how the person uses his or her body. Your ability to listen effectively depends on the degree to which you perceive and receive the message.” (Listening Skills, 2015) A smile can be used to show that the listener is paying close attention to what is being said. A nod of the head can reassure that you are listening. Eye contact that tis none threatening with a blend of a smile to encourage who you are speaking to. Posture also plays a part as well, be attentive by leaning forward while sitting and having a slight slant of the head helps. Mirroring your listener gestures, facial expressions. Attempt to reflect what the speaker is saying and finally don’t let distractions take you away from the conversation at hand. (Active Listening,

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