What Are The Factors That Are Important For A Teacher And Learner

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Using a range of sources such as academic and reflective journals, wider reading and my own personal perspective it will provide a broad view to critically evaluate factors that are important for a teacher and learner.
Firstly, one factor that I believe is important is a teacher’s values, attitudes, beliefs and expectations. Each teacher will interpret and implement these morals differently which will affect children’s learning. As a result of the Principles of Learning and Teaching session I have created an understanding that all teachers aim to have high expectations that are consistently approached with patience, passion and motivation within their practice. However, from my own experience I believe that it is not always the case and certain
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A teacher’s ability to make efficient use of classroom resources and space is relevant to maximising the learning of a child. I believe that there is a need to create a classroom that is constantly demanding more. From my own experience having an attractive and challenging working environment has provided motivation, support and self-confidence. From the view of a teacher making the learning environment feel more safe and meaningful is vital for growth in learning. However not all classroom provides these opportunities and for a leaner it can reduce inspiration, motivation and independent thinking. Based on my reflective journal and wider reading, this theoretical perspective was studied by Howard Gardner (Reflective Journal) who created the intelligence theory. He stated that the design of the class room effects the amount that children unknowingly learn. For example, the more that is in the learning environment the more children would learn. Reflecting upon this as a teacher I personally aim to create a stimulating and secure learning environment to increase productivity and personal …show more content…
Learning theory is a set of ideas or a personal perspective that can be used alongside teacher training, learning ideas, personal development, and self-improvement. As a result of the Principles of Learning and Teaching sessions and with wider reading my view has changed about learning theory. My first- understanding and view of learning theory was that they were highly opinionated and stated how teachers should teach, manage and control a class. However, as my understanding has grown, having an awareness of learning theory and understanding how to implement them within practice provides teachers with an extra resource. From a teacher perspective, it provides more support to become more adaptable and flexible within education which broadens their knowledge and to approach children’s learning from a different perspective. However, this can help a leaner with progression within their own learning and from my own experience when obstacles have occurred approaching tasks from a different light has achieved better learning outcomes. On reflection when applying learning theory to a standard such as “managing behaviour efficiently to ensure a good and safe learning environmen2t (Teacher Standards 2012), can provide key strategies and policy’s. From wider reading I understand that behaviourism is a “theory of animal and human

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