Same Sex Marriage In America

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Same-Sex Marriage benefits to America.
The debate on homosexual marriage is a very heated debate in many states in America.
The question is should same-sex couples have the legal right to marry or not. The opponents of the same-sex marriage argue that same-sex marriage does not provide a healthy family environment for children development, as marriage institution should do. The proponents of same-sex marriage argue that the homosexuals should have the right to get married because doing so will strengthen the society. I think that homosexual couples should have the right to marry because legalizing same-sex marriage have social and economic benefits for society in USA. Same-sex marriage should be legal in America because same-sex marriage
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Opponents of same-sex marriage argue that one essential function of marriage is to provide a healthy family environment for children birth and rearing (Sprigg 3). Law should not then allow homosexuals to get married and have any parenting right because doing so is harmful for children wellness. But this argumentation is restrictive and wrong. In fact homosexuals should be allowed to get married because allowing same-sex marriage will provide a stable and healthy family environment for their children if they decide to some. According to Nathalie Gilfoyle in “There Is No Scientific Evidence that Same-Sex Marriage Harms Children,” kids raised by homosexual couples are as healthy as kids raised by straight couples. There is no proof that same-sex parenting is harmful for children wellness. In fact since gay couples are naturally unable to have their own children, once they decide that they want to have baby, they would probably do their best to achieve the kid’s needs. The key for kid’s happiness is love of his parents. Same-sex couples’ children would not lack of love since those couples strongly have desired to have kids. The problem with same-sex parenting comes from other persons than parents, who can make negative and hurting comments about the kid’s parents. Same-sex parenting …show more content…
Some people think that same-sex couple should not be allowed to get marry because same-sex marriage does not provide a favorable environment to raise kids, which is an essential function of marriage institution. But I think that legalizing same-sex marriage have some social and economic advantages for American society. Allowing same-sex marriage respects homosexuals’ right to be married, provide substantial economic advantages to American economy, and offer stable and healthy familial environment to homosexuals children. Law should protect homosexuals from discrimination there are often submitted to and allow them to be legally married to the partner of their choices, as any worthy

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