Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized? Essay

784 Words Mar 18th, 2015 4 Pages
Should gay marriage be legalized in the US? When the legalization of gay marriages in the United States of America topic comes into the conversation, it might surprise someone that it is still a controversial issue. America, a land of freedom where people have the rights to express fully of themselves in every way such as the freedom of speech, petition, assemble, press and religion, still struggles with the legalization of gay marriage. Gay or lesbian marriages refer to the same-sex marriage and they have been a controversial issue for so many decades. Based on religions and beliefs, some people have denied it and see it as a sin. Some people, on the other hand, see it as a normal marriage since they view it from the perspective of love and human rights. Gay marriages should be legalized in every single state of the United States of America since it is a personal issue based on love, which is unconditional and occur naturally. Since it is the civil rights that are protected by law, banning gay marriage would be a type of discrimination toward LGBT community. Marriage is the idea of the two people engage with each other with full responsibilities toward each other as well as toward their society (Webster); it creates the smallest structure, which is family with parents and children, and recognized by law. With that being said, gay marriages fit all of the categories above: homosexual couples engage with each other with love, which is “attraction based on sexual desire:…

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