What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Communication

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Appendix Two

Evaluation of Company Communication Modes

Electronic Communication

Electronic internal communication is that delivered by computer or telephone and includes email, intranet, electronic newsletters, podcasts, voicemail, conference calls, and text messaging. Such means of communication have the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Electronic Communication

1. Electronic communication is cheaper than many other forms of communication, especially the traditional letter, and take only few seconds or less time to transmit, and do not require the physical movement or face-to-face presence of the communicators.

2. Electronic communication enables employees to readily share discussions, pictures, graphics and maps.
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The advantages and disadvantages of such communication are:

Advantages of Verbal Communication

1. Verbal communications are fast and thus ideal when information needs to be shared quickly or when a quick answer or solution is needed. For example, a written “fire, fire, fire” message is unlikely to be timely.

2. Verbal communication in a face-to-face situation allows for body language that can be a vital component of the message. Also, the sender can further insert emphasis and their personality by altering their message tone, volume and delivery speed to enhance communication.

3. Verbal communication usually allows for concurrent interaction between those involved and provides for immediate feedback and confirmation that the message has been properly understood.

Disadvantages of Verbal Communication

1. Verbal communication can be misunderstood and sometimes not even heard. Misunderstandings most often arise through the sender’s inappropriate use of language – jargon, slang and
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It involves the exchange of information, gossip and rumours between employees within the company. Such communication is predominately lateral or horizontal across the company and has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Grapevine Communication

1. The grapevine usually carries information very quickly. Typically, if an employee discovers some confidential information, they immediately pass the details to their friend who in turn pass it on to other.

2. Company management usually gets honest feedback about their employees’ opinions concerning company goals and policies – often faster and more accurate feedback than provided through formal channels.

3. The grapevine helps create group cohesion among employees who share and discuss such information.

4. The grapevine supplements formal communication, particularly when such formal communication is vague or restricted.

Disadvantages of Grapevine Communication

1. The grapevine is often based on rumours and unconfirmed reports rather than facts and does not therefore necessarily reveal the information in total or with

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