Importance Of Effective Communication

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In an A&E department it is important to communicate with one another. Effective communication is when you pass a message or a piece of information to someone in clear and concise language, the speaker and the listener should understand what has been said. Important things to consider before communicating with someone is to know your audience and being able to use formal and informal language to get the message across, speaking in a friendly tone trying to build a relationship. Understanding their situation and responding properly, not using any slang or jargon because effective communication should be clearly understandable.

There are two types of communication; Verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal is when you speak to another person
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In a health and social care setting is convenient for a nurse to use gestures when there is a need of emphasising the patient or to help express thoughts. A nurse sending message a thumbs up sign to the patient to ensure everything is fine. The patient will decode the message by analysing their facial expression and gesture, as a response they will show the thumbs up sign back to them. However, Non-verbal communication can lead to misunderstandings whether the body language or gesture is not clear enough. For example, in A&E department telling someone about how his or her loved one died is very hard to tell as it is very emotional for them and is appropriate to show sympathy and sadness through body language and facial expressions.

Interpersonal skills are the techniques people use in order to communicate and maintain effective relationship. Interpersonal communication can be defined as communication between a small group of individuals, typically in a face-to-face setting, where the language is being used is expressed effectively through tone of voice, facial expressions. This is very essential in a health and social care environment especially in an A&E department as it insists on how to be polite and understand other people’s problems to maintain a friendly but professional relationship with your
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As a social worker, it is important for me to recognise the cultures as well as the social background of my clients because they have a different set of behaviour patterns.. Each culture has its own rules about general behaviour, it can be whether one looks at the other person in the eye or how close people stand next to each other while they are talking and some people need more personal space and therefore stop others from touching them.This might be due to their religions or culture. And some people get very emotional when they are discussing about a sensitive topic and some don’t express their feelings publicly. Those who speak different language it becomes very hard for them to translate certain words or understand the strong accent of other people. This always leads to communication problems. A way to overcome this barrier is to respect other people 's opinions and

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