What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Commerce

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The intention of this article is to put forward a research proposal for the Master of Information Technology-E-commerce at University Kuala Lumpur. The project proposal introduces the subject, the aims and objectives of the research, and the probable methodologies and expected time frame for conducting the research.
Despite the growing trend towards the Internet, there come into view a deficiency of extensive research for their influences on global commerce and marketing. I will address this gap in the research literature by following current literatures in the field of online marketing and business. After review previous research literatures in the area of entrepreneurship and trade, marketing, management, science and technology, few pertinent observations be able to be identified and described in this research. These observations are encompassed the problems as the influences of internet on worldwide trade, entrepreneurship and marketing, the advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce during international
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The “impacts” in this study will be alienated into two aspects: “the impacts on global trade” and “the impacts on worldwide marketing”. “The impacts on global trade” is running to present the fact that more and more businesses practise global trade amenities through the internet and the “impacts” generally transfer to the outcomes of internet on globalization, industrial clusters, guidelines, consumer products and services, supply chain management, product improvement, and costs concerns throughout the online worldwide dealing procedures. Alongside, “The impact of global trade” includes “The impacts on global entrepreneurship”. Basically, “The impacts on global trade” also comprises “The impacts on global marketing”, in this research; the studies of “marketing” are mostly delimited areas: Web 2.0 marketing, online marketing mix, and global e-marketing legal issues and managerial

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