Essay on What Are Ghosts? : The Bible, And The Torah

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What are ghosts?
While most people believe in ghosts, some don’t. Many theories, opinions and beliefs are spreading out and around, some of which have been proven and some haven’t, while some are mentioned in the holy books, such as The Holy Quran, The Bible, and The Torah, which believers cannot argue about. Ghosts are real and they can affect our life directly. They form in many ways but not like what we have seen in some movies. They are everywhere, some are good while others are bad, ALLAH says in The Quran (And among us (jinn) are the righteous, and among us are [others] not so; we were [of] divided ways.) (72:11). (And among us are Muslims [in submission to Allah], and among us are the unjust. And whoever has become Muslim - those have sought out the right course.)(72:14). It means that they have religions like us, and some of them are Muslims, others are Christian, and others are Jewish. There are two types of ghosts, and they live in some specific places (private) and some general places (public). Also they have some connection and interacting with humans in order to help each other. However, we cannot be sure about the real form of ghosts because they can form differently every time. Moreover, ghosts have religions, exactly as human being. Let’s have a look on the creation of ghosts and their types, their real form, the reality of ghosts, how they interact with human being, and how they live.

Types of Ghosts and how they were created Many people are…

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