Analysis Of Dark Too Visible By Patricia Mccormick

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In a public radio interview, Michel Martin, speaks to Meghan Cox Gurdon who wrote an

article “Dark Too Visible”, Christopher John Farley, an editorial director for WSJ, and YA

author Patricia Mccormick. In this interview Martin wants to see where the stand to see if teen

Lit is becoming too dark. Well one of the three, Patricia Mccormick, had stated that she worked

with some teens and asked them if they thought that books were becoming too dark etc. The

answers that Mccormick had received from the teens turned out to be good responses.

Mccormick says,” And they were very committed to the idea that these books actually expand

their imagination but in a positive way - especially since the ending of most of these books tend

to be positive.” So by
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It’s okay to be concerned with what teens read, but parents shouldn’t try to confine

their children’s reading. According to Linda Holmes, writer of the article,”Seeing Teenagers As

We Wish They Were: The Debate Over YA Fiction”, she says:

“Surrounding them with books full of joy and beauty is fine, but confining their reading

to those things because we are afraid that they cannot tolerate being exposed to the

things they are already so often exposed to does them a terrible disservice.”

It goes back to teens being curious about things, shielding them will only make them more

curious and want to read more about the issue or read a book about it. On another note, reading

a book about an issue, for example suicide, isn’t necessarily going to make someone suicidal.

Teens should be able to explore these issues, but it is important for parents to be aware of what

material they are reading. Not necessarily taking control of what teens read but more about

being open to the idea and looking into what what books they read. This is the solution to this

ongoing debate, where teens are able to read YA books and parents should about it and

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