What Activities Can Work Effectively With People? Essay

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1. What activities have you performed to demonstrate your ability to work effectively with people?

Having grown up in India - a land of diverse cultures - and being part of a joint family was a legacy of my rich cultural heritage. The ideology and uniqueness of my joint family was helpful in developing my personality during my impressible years due to informal social interaction between the members of my family. Being the eldest of four sons, it was my responsibility to inculcate team spirit between the youngsters. The sharing of toys, candy and clothes brought everyone close and further resulted in helping each other in sports or studies. This upbringing taught us to get along with each other, foregoing ego, and learning to live together in spite of our limitations. This helped me understand that ’unity is strength’. Being the eldest, I was chosen as an informal leader and imbibed the qualities of a leader during my formative days. I realized we could achieve so much more by working together, rather than working individually. Over the years, I have tried to factor in the feeling of team work in different phases of my life and have been successful all the time. I know for a fact that I can go fast if I do my work alone, but, if I have to go far, I have to work with others.
My dental college too had a lot of confidence in my leadership abilities. I was appointed the captain of my university sports team due to my active participation in sports such as cricket, swimming, and…

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