What Activities And Experiences You And Your Child Have Engaged On Physical Activity

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1. What activities and experiences you and your child have engaged in might be promoting healthy behavioral practices and an interest in physical activity

Sebastian and I have engaged in some activities that might be promoting a healthy behavioral practice and an interest in physical behavior. For example, during the weekends, Sebastian likes to go outside to the back yard to play mini soccer or play with his mini- basketballs. However, he seems to get tired very easily and after a short while he decides to quit the game. We have decided not to force Sebastian into playing any sports because we do not want him to get frustrate at the game or at him. Now, that we have a second child, we tried to activities with both children at the same time, so that way Sebastian does not fee unwanted. For example, when we go to the park I ask Sebastian to help me put down the blanket or to keep eye on his sister while I take out the toys from the bag.

2. Briefly describe your virtual child’s preschool/child care arrangements. Does she/he attend a large child care center, small family child care home, or does your family have some other arrangement (nanny, relative, family friend, etc.)? If your child attends a child care center, is it an academic or child centered program? This information may be provided for you by the program; if not, think of the setting you would most likely choose. Briefly explain the factors that were the most important in influencing your choice of child…

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