What A Philosophy Of Education Is Used For A Classroom Essay

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There are several ways that teachers can operate a classroom. In many cases there is no specific right or wrong way to teach. From teacher to teacher there is different views on how tings should be done. This is what a philosophy of education is used for. A philosophy will show the ideas, rules, and guidelines that a teacher will use and follow in their classroom. A philosophy often gives unity to the classroom structure, lectures, lesson plans, and disciplinary views. It is important for a teacher to have a philosophy of education to keep their class organized, and to be sure they are teaching the way they want, and operating their classroom correctly according to their teaching style and beliefs of learning. As a developing and future teacher, I connect the most with the schools of philosophy of idealism and pragmatism. I believe these philosophies work together. Idealism suggests that ideas and concepts are the essence of all worth knowing. However, it also suggests that these truths are absolute and universal. This is where I tend to agree more with pragmatism, which suggests a universe that is dynamic, evolving, and in a state of becoming. The combination of these two philosophies works the best for my understanding and way of thinking. I believe that ideas and concepts are the essence of knowing, but that these ideas and concepts can change as the world and yourself evolve and develop. As a teacher, I want my classroom to encompass these philosophies along with other…

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