Personal Philosophy Essay

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Our world is becoming increasingly more judgmental and intolerant of other perspectives and ideas, leading humans to a revetment in how we communicate and expand our minds. It is not only sickening that we quickly dismiss others, but also inconsiderate that we do not take in account of the others people’s view, resulting in disadvantage for others and ourselves. For these reason I live by a personal philosophy that is mentioned in behavior psychologist B.F. Skinners book Science and Human Behavior, which sheds light on what we shouldn’t do, “dismiss those who do not agree with us as a victim of ignorance” (B.F. Skinner). While some may argue that being a strong headed and resistant person is important in protecting and creating one’s own ideas, however; tolerating, listening, and absorbing other viewpoints, is more beneficial, rather than dismissing them due to social skills, enhancement of knowledge, and an all around happier life.
Social skills contribute to this idea of hearing someone out before rejecting them, because without social skills or the failure of using them correctly helps result in this act of dismissing others views simply because one is too narrow minded. The act of engaging in eye contact, actively listening, and having assertive attitude are all key to the first step of my personal philosophy. Without these
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The act of listening and being able to properly respond leads to a gain of knowledge from the other person and also a personal knowledge in how to deal with situations. It’s a Buddhist practice to retain information and act accordingly to others in the most peaceful way possible so you can gain wisdom from experience, resulting to happiness. And isn’t that what humans strive for? Humans naturally crave to be happy and a way to achieve that is by going by these simple guidelines that can be easily implicated into daily

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