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RUP1 Project
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A. Functional Differences The Professional Nursing Organizations and Regulatory Agencies for Nursing are what nursing professionals look to for standards, guidance, support, rules and regulations, along with licensure and discipline if necessary. One example of a professional nursing organization (PNO) would be the American Nurses Association (ANA). The role of the ANA includes: promotion/ development of the nursing profession, involvement with legislation and policy making, supporting the nurse in order for the nurse to provide quality care for the those receiving care. The mission statement of the ANA is simple and direct... "nurses advancing our profession to improve health
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As a nurse manager, I display and am responsible for ensuring that all team members are well aware of "Provision 1.1 Respect for human dignity" (ANA 2014). Our clients are children, and they come from many different unimaginable backgrounds. These youth are due respect and have individual rights as humans no matter what their histories are. I am also accountable for myself and my department to display professionalism. "Provision 1.5 Relationships with colleagues and others" (ANA 2014) enforces the fact that we all are to be respectful of each other. Being the supervisor, educator and discipliner of employees, I hold myself to a higher standard of professionalism and am very mindful of this provision when interacting with colleagues. The youth in this facility all have very diverse medical and personal histories. These histories could include sexual exploitation or abuse, which in turn could bring along sexually transmitted diseases (just to name one possibility). This is a devastating situation for anyone, especially a child victim. "Provision 3.1 Privacy" and "Provision 3.2 Confidentiality" (AMA 2014) are self explanatory... I and all employees, carry the responsibility for teaching, displaying, and ensuring these children have the upmost supported privacy and confidentiality. As a member of a healthcare team, strict following in this provision allows me to build a rapport with the youth, that may give

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