Westchester General Hospital Case Analysis

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Westchester General Hospital is a modern acute care facility with a powerful brand name. The strategies seem good and their commitment to improve employee and physician satisfaction is commendable. However, we still have several recommendations for this hospital. Besides, looking at the SWOT analysis and grand matrix, there is something Westchester General Hospital should do with its strategies.
Westchester General Hospital, like many other hospitals, have experienced high rates of employee burnout. Avoiding such problems is essential in providing the best quality care for their patients. While Westchester General Hospital can encourage and motivate their nurses to avoid feeling burned out by mandating regular breaks, they would like to go
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The amenities will go beyond an average break room by including massage chairs, computers, televisions, and a meditation room. The wellness center will host several classes or in-service workshops on nutrition, fitness, and stress/employee burnout prevention which are factors that will help with employee fatigue and stress. (Gates, et al, 2008) This zone will be a safe place designated for nurses and physicians to take a break during their shift to decompress due to emotional exhaustion or dealing with difficult patients. It’s important to teach staff member’s specific skills, tools and methods to prevent the buildup of stress and reduce job related burnout. (Noblet & LaMontagne, …show more content…
For example, “Code Red” is for fire, “Code Blue” is for medical emergencies, to name a couple. We would like to introduce a new alert, “Code Lavender” for stress and burnout. This is a rapid holistic care and compassion based response serving physicians and nurses in need of immediate spiritual or emotional support and intervention. The idea for the “Code Lavender” program is aimed at supporting physicians and nurses during exhausting and emotional times especially after the death of patients. Although physicians and nurses are used to seeing difficult, they are human beings too, and eventually they may break under pressure. Code Lavender is composed of a holistic team of nurses that arrive within 20 minutes of an “alert” to provide water, healthy snacks, lavender arm bands, and massage to remind the employee under pressure to take things easy and that they have a support team. (Shaitfelt, 2014) This is an excellent program to let the physicians and nurses know how much they are appreciated and valued. This is also a way of letting the staff member release pent up frustration and stress. The holistic team employs homeopathic methods that include counseling, therapeutic massage, spiritual support and mindfulness

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