Essay on Wes Budd 's ' And Wes '

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Something Wes l’s and Wes ll’s had in common was that they were both pointed the wrong direction. They both had friends that influenced them into drugs and also to sell them. Sometimes friends are the ones we go to when we have problems, but they should be there to give you good advice not bad. Wes l’s and Wes ll’s did that instead of going to their mothers. Friend sometimes can be your worst enemies, probably not in Wes’s l’s or Wes’s ll’s cases, but we don’t know how every friend of theirs was. Friends had a huge impact on the outcome of their destinies and so did the environment they lived in it was just not the right one because of everything that was going on, on those days. Also thy both didn’t have a father, and at some point they needed a father. The father that would give them advice having man to man conversations, because everything they knew was because of their friends. I feel like everything could have been different if they would have had their fathers. Also, it all depended on them we can’t say it was their mother’s fault it was mostly theirs because they picked their friends, and they made their own choices, no one had a gun to their heads to force them to do what they did.
The strongest difficulty that they had was not having money because money isn’t all in life but we do need it. I believe money was one of the things they struggle a lot for many reasons. To start with, their mothers would work a lot, and that lead to not even seeing them all day every…

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