Wes Anderson Movie Techniques

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Wesley Wales Anderson was born on May 1, 1969 in Houston Texas. His mother was an archaeologist and his father a salesman. His parents divorced when he was eight years old. Through his younger years of school Wes misbehaved often and always seemed to be in trouble. When he was a teenager, he shot a movie with his two brothers. This was the first of many movies that Wes Anderson would create. Anderson’s movies range from handmade stop motion movies about foxes too actions movies about a hotel in the middle of budapest. Anderson 's movies have been accepted around the world and have grossed altogether around 448 million dollars.
The first movie I watched was Fantastic Mr. Fox. This movie follows the story of Mr. Fox, a fox who is struggling to
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The opening scene we see Mr. Fox standing next to a tree eating an apple. All the colors around him are gold and light brown. The apple he is eating is bright red. These colors clash very nicely to create a warm original feeling to open the movie.
In fantastic Mr. Fox we seem many film techniques used. One that we see quite often is an establishing shot. Before many scenes, Anderson includes an establishing shot with a quick title. The title informs us of what will be taking place, while the view we are presented with shows us where this will be taking place. When Mr. Fox decides to rob a farm we see a long shot of the farm he will be robbing and the title, “Master Plan: Part 1.” From this five second shot we know where the scene will be taking place and exactly what is going on.
Wes Anderson also uses the technique of a montage. When Mr. Fox survives the farmers attack it shows the family celebrating in different ways. The whole montage takes around 30 seconds and there is upbeat music playing the whole time. We see many different shots and quick scenes which tell us a long story in a short amount of time. This technique ensure the viewer can follow the plot and get a lot of information in a short amount of
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Damon Wise from Empire said the movie “. . .walks the fine line between masterpiece and folly.” (Demon Wise, Empire) Because the movie is verging on a formalist film many of the editing styles are obsured and almost too much for a viewer to handle. A writer from the site PluggedIn had something to offer on this idea. He said “is this dollhouse dramedy merely good at being quite bad?” (Paul Asay, Plugged In) He raises a good point. Is this movie just so bad that we enjoy the witty humor, the bad editing and the odd camera angles? It 's a really good review and one that makes you think. I for one really enjoyed this film. I thought the humor was spot on and the camera angles and mise en scene really added beauty to the film.
The third and final movie I watched was The Royal Tenenbaums. This movie follows the lives of three gifted siblings who experience great success in youth. As they get older their father breaks apart their family and leaves them. Following this, they all face great disappointment in their lives. There father then reunites the whole family by telling them he is very ill. The whole family is then back together and chaos ensues. In the end we find out the father was lying about his illness just so he could be with his

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