Good People Of The Three Gorges Analysis

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“Still life”, literally called “Good People of the Three Gorges” by Jia Zhangke is a Chinese film released in 2006 and was a winner of the Golden Lion Award for Best Film (Dargis, 2008). The film shot the scene in the old village of Fengije, a little town on the Yangtze River, which is gradually being ruined by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. It talks the story about a man searching for his wife and a women searching for her husband.

The Three Gorges Dam – the largest dam in the world, which sits across the Yangtze River in the central of China. It is a spot that witness the great strife between China’s culture and politics brought by both humanitarian and environmental concerns. Because of the construction, surpass one million
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Imagine, you sit in a cinema. The lights fade out slowly. The music and graphic appear. The movie title fades in and you will know you are on the journey! The primary function of the title is to generally describe the content of the movie, or even more simply to just give the film a name. But if we try to dig a little bit deeper, title of a movie offer much more than that. Probably, the purpose of movie title is really similar to the book tile. It never only gives you a few of words but also draw attention or curiosity from the audiences, attract them to open it and read …show more content…
Around the middle of the movie, some novel events occur. For instance, there was a futuristic building takes off like a rocket and a UFO strangely crossed the sky. These really made the audiences including me became speechless. For those strange events, they paused the world for a few seconds and made those moments belong out of time. The incongruity of those parts is quite unexpected. Also, because of the social content and the minimalist, Jia’s movies are said to be “realistic”. Therefore, a great contrast was made between the realistic scenes and fictional scenes as well as the pass films directed by Jia Zhangke and Still

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