Wellness In Fostering Children Essay

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Wellness is a state of healthy mind, body and soul. How a person feels, behaves, engages and interacts with their environment is connected to their wellness and wellbeing. Wellness is divergent with external influences or determinates that affect an individual’s state of wellbeing. The health of an individual is very multifaceted, a person’s health is actually determined outside of the health system. “Children’s health is a product of receiving warm and consistent parenting, a good education and health services when these are required; and having more protective factors in their environment than risk factors” McMurray, A., & Clendon, J. (2011) Early childhood educators therefore play an imperative role in fostering children’s health, it is our place to provide support to children and family’s so the children in our care have equal access. While we cannot change the circumstances of many determinates in a child’s life we can control and influence some aspects that may affect their wellness and wellbeing. Providing additional support to those who need it so our …show more content…
The Australian government has already put into place measures to help equality for all at a preschool level, they offer free Kindergarten to those who hold a health care card and they have recently extended funded kinder hours to 15 a week. Both these measures ensure all children can participate and have access to quality education. At an individual level, each centre is responsible for promoting health, centres can make learning fun and enjoyable by promoting play-based learning ensuring attitude about education are fun, embed healthily practices into their everyday program and connecting families to health support services and information as they need them. These external influences directly impact a child and family’s education and their

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