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New Product Launch Marketing Plan, Part II
Keianna Adams, Joseph Biondolillo, Holly Correll, Jacqueline Curry, Eric Pulsipher, Erica Teal
Marketing/MKT 571
July 7, 2014
Prof. Ismael Hau-Rosa

New Product Launch Marketing Plan, Part II
This paper will discuss the details market profiles, key buying behaviors, and decision motivators for the consumers and organization target markets. It will explain how to manage each stage of the PLC and tactical plans for the Four P’s at each stage.
It will also provide the product mix for the new offering of features and benefits, branding, and any other products in line; it will show the differentiating characteristics from competitive or substitute products, packaging and
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Q-saver will consider how many people want the feature, and how long it would take to introduce it and whether the competitor could certainly copy it. The company will also consider in terms of bundles or packages, as well as consider feature customization at a higher price or a many standard packages at a lower price (Kotler, & Keller (2012). Q-saver will differentiate products by customizing them. As Q-saver continue to increase it will gather information of each individual consumer and the business partner (retailers, suppliers, and distributors) the factories are designed for more flexibility. Q-saver will meet each customer requirement as individuality designed service, products, and communication (Kotler, & Keller, (2012).
Q-saver packing the design for the consumer of the product. It will be attractive the consumer will want to displayed it at their home. Q-saver is a unique packaging and has a resealed spout that will bring big benefits to the consumer and profit Q-saver.
Q-saver package will:
Recognize the brand Q-saver
Transport expressive and influential data
Enable Q-saver shipping and security
Benefit Q-saver consumption
Q-saver will choose color of packaging that carries meanings and the culture and market segments. Q-saver labeling will identify it brand and promote the product through it attractive graphics.

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