Essay on Week 4 Team

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Some people think that raising the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour is a good thing. They think that it will make the economy stronger and that those that got to take advantage of the wage increase, will benefit. If they raise the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour , are they also going to raise the wage of people to fought to make that much? People should be more concerned raising the wage of the teachers that are responsible for the education and growth of our children. Or perhaps the wage of the medics and first responders should be raised, as they are supposed to arrive in an timely matter in response to o emergency. What ever the case, fast food restaurants are considered entry level employment. One is not required to have any experience …show more content…
Companies may no longer be able to afford to offer tuition reimbursement and have to decrease or eliminate all together and with the rise in education, students are forced to take out loans to further their education. If the minimum wage were to increase, people will stop trying to better themselves and settle for a job at McDonalds. They wont need to go to school to get a higher education, because entry level positions will start off so high they will be set for a long times. Not only that, if entry level positions receive this high of a pay increase, what of restaurant management, and corporate management. They could also justify giving themselves an unjust pay increase. How many managers can a company have before demanding certain education levels? Raising minimum wage, also pushes the questions is everyone's wage going to be raised? Is this just for entry-level? Is there a ceiling effect of how far an employee can go? Will trainers and managers be compensated as well? Changing minimum wage, changes the course of the companies, and franchises. The Effects Of Raising The Minimum Wage (2014) expresses concern for long term employees losing there jobs. Employees are paid minimum wage because they lack productivity to command higher pay according to Unprecedented minimum Would Hurt Jobs and The Economy (2013). With the increase of employment, companies like McDonald's offer several entry level positions.

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