Week 4 Reflections Essay

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Tymia Q. Harper

Reflections: Week 4


April 22, 2013

Christopher Fletcher

With this weeks reading, Learning Team C was given a clear understanding of the UCC Article 2 and the rules that pertain to the sales of goods whether it be buyer to seller or merchant to merchant. We also had to opportunity to explored how these particular types of contracts play a major portion in many aspects of our lives.

Adam Lukie

I have personally come across several types of contracts in my personal and business life. One example are the contracts that I have between myself and my employer. When I was hired by my company, I signed several contracts such as one stating the stipulations of my
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Cell phone contracts are typically one-size-fits-all. They're called adhesion contracts, and they contain the same language for every customer. If you want the service, you have no choice but to sign the contract without any changes. There's no room for negotiation. Adhesion contracts are just as legally enforceable as any other contract you would sign. The customer has the right to cancel the contract at anytime, but in the contract itself states that customers have to pay an early termination fee if they have not fulfilled their contract to full.

Donald Vosburg

There are many contracts that we all use for personal and professional life. No matter what type of contract is in front of us, in order for it to be considered a contract it must be an agreement with both parties. A common contract that I have encountered in my personal life would be a rental agreement. Renting an apartment or house there is usually a lease contract that binds the renter to certain terms. When dealing with a contract it is important to know what is expected of each party, this way there are no misunderstandings later down the line.

One of the struggles I had this week was the topic about contracts and applying common contracts into our everyday and professional lives is that there are many types of contracts that facilitate various needs. First one must understand the types, what they are used for,

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