Web Fest : Australia 's Only International Web Essay

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Melbourne Web Fest is Australia’s only international web series festival that began in 2013 and is currently run by a man named Steinar Ellnigsen. Steinar Ellnisgen and his team started Melbourne Web Fest to honour innovative artist that are changing entertainment in the world. Nowadays, digital entertainment is rapidly growing to be one of the main form of entertainment. Web Fest is there to help creative people showcase their talent with creative web content. The process of making a web series is a fast rising challenge where the artists produce, distribute and engaging with screen content on their own terms. These web series creators are the spark in this new age of storytelling.
Melbourne WebFest is a great place to have my first internship. A hub for building a professional network and as well as working on my professional development in a face pace city like Melbourne. It is a great opportunity for me to gain hands on experience while preparing and dealing with the best in digital series entertainment from around the world. I officially started my internship on March 21, during a Sunday afternoon. It was a general meet and greet. I got everyone who was part of making Melbournes Webfest Festival great. It was pretty brief, just a run-down of what our duties would be and getting to know each other. When that was over, I just went on to my day to day business until I got my first task. I am a public relations intern. So far I have written a SWOT Analysis, researched…

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