Essay about Web Application Attacks Prevention

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Web Application Attacks Prevention
Week 3 Assignment
Date Sept.2013

Web Application Attacks Prevention advantage is used to benefit a protective or preventative standard used for determining the dimensions, area, with response capabilities such as an application layer firewall over a solution that identifies vulnerabilities in an application that are mean-full.

Week 3 Assignment: Web Application Attacks Prevention

Learning Objectives and Outcomes
You will be able to suggest appropriate defenses against common Web server and application attacks.

Assignment Requirements
Defense against web attacks is a key element in a security professional’s skill set. For this assignment, your manager has
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Management should create new default user accounts instead of created installed one. The list of software that creates when, user accounts are been created should carried a more secure implementation on the operating system. Enhancing these username and password is all you need properly certify and permissions requirements must address any change. The rooted formation in creation of administrator account requires to be renamed where Admin and password is not easily detected. Most circumstances permission given of administrator accessing there should be certification to the web server everyone should own user account, and apply the correct rights of use privileges needed.
2. A developer for Aim Higher College is creating a Web server form for submission of calendar events to the College’s event calendar. What protective measures would you suggest to ensure its security?
It is common sense to have a good security practice, by having everyone assigned to their own user accounts a positive start for Aim Higher College. Having the uses of a scanner removes lots of initial problem before they begin. Aim Higher College needed such handy tools that help them automate and ease the process of any discrepancy in securing web server and web applications. Lists of Web Vulnerability Scanner are such as the uses of Sam Spade whois list where the performances of additional whois quires are

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