Wealth Gap Documentary

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The video is a documentary who lives among the one percent. He has lived around wealth his entire life and has decided to document the wealth gap. He goes around interviewing people on both side of the spectrum to get their point of view on things. He gets into clubs using his family’s name and tries to interview his father various times but he declines even though he himself made a film about the poverty in Africa when he was younger.
What stood out to me was that the average one percenter earns one million dollars a year compared to the average American who earns thirty-five thousand dollars a year. I was also surprised when he interviewed the granddaughter of a very wealthy man and because of that interview, he disowned her. What surprised me was that money is so important to this man that disowned his blood relative. It is so heartless.
When the cop who worked in the sugar city was asked if he thought the laborers were going to struggle finding
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The way the rich see it is that they are helping the less fortunate more than hurting them because they are creating more jobs even though they are being pay way less than they should. People with wealth do not see a problem because they do not live in it. Those who have wealth look out for themselves. Just like Trump, they want less government because it will benefit them, not others. The less taxes, the more money the one percent get to keep for themselves and the less government help the rest will get. Those who live in poverty, who live among the rest of the bottom 99% see that there is a problem. Whenever a school is torn down to put up a bank or people are kicked out of their apartment not because they cannot afford to pay the rent but because it is being converted into a condo, they see a problem. They see that the government prefers to see those with money and push aside those who do not, they are the ones who “contribute” the most after

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