Essay We Should Control Crime, Not Guns

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We Should Control Crime, Not Guns
Crime and criminology is a major issue that affects the world today. Crime has affected the larger portion of the United States to the extent where there are various laws and regulations that are aiming at ending the vice. There are certain cities and regions in the US where people dare not to go. This is due to the high levels of crimes that are reported in those regions. People are also undertaking various studies in criminology in bids to find a longer lasting solution to the vice. The government has come up with a proposal of controlling guns as the sure way of controlling results. This is thus a move that will not bear fruits as it should have had a more focus on controlling crimes more than controlling guns (Frank 32).
There are various reasons in support of this. First, controlling guns do not clear the streets of criminals. Even if the government engages in reducing the number of guns that are in possession by people, it cannot reduce the number of criminals. It should therefore arrest and charge all criminals available as the best approach to controlling crime. It is these criminals who are very much specialized in ensuring that that guns move within themselves without any notice of the law. If they are taken away from their places and the regions they control wiped clean of any criminals, the issue of controlling guns will not matter (Kope 21).
Another reason is that the government should come up with the best legislative laws…

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